A 20-year-old refugee in Greece from Wakiso district, Uganda

Our father was killed in Uganda by a neighboring tribe, in a land dispute. Some people helped us to get to Kenya because they knew our father and were thinking that the tribe was going to kill us too. Someone then directed us to go to Turkey and then to Greece.
In Turkey we boarded a small inflatable boat with 45 people.  After travelling a small distance, people realized that water was slowly entering the boat. We tried to call the coastguard but they were not coming. The water had already started to come inside the boat and we were all getting wet, even the babies. We thought life was over for us. No one knew what to do. Then we said our prayers and everyone was crying because the boat was sinking. One person had a heart attack. But suddenly we saw a big torch and we were rescued by the Greek people. It was like I saw God himself.
After, they took us to the hospital. They also gave me some medicine and my sister’s baby some new clothes. They even gave us food. We then took the big boat to Athens, and then a train to Thessaloniki. From there it’s not easy to get transport to here, so we walked all the way.  At the border, the police came and found us and arrested my sister and my friend.  They let me go because I was pregnant. After a while, they released my sister and my friend.
We are travelling with some Syrians. They are very nice to us; some speak English so we can understand. They give us water and help us with the baby.  We are very much afraid to cross the border into Macedonia because we hear they rape women there.  But we can’t go back to Africa now. (August 2015)